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Sharper Images Spring 2023 Assets

Project type

CGI point of sale commercials


April 2023


Joplin MO

This project spanned a duration of 5 months, starting from the initial stages until completion. Our team received 7 STL models from the client as the starting point. The ultimate outcome of this project was the creation of 7 customized point-of-sale promotional videos, which were displayed on large wall monitors at 3 different locations across the globe: New York, Milan, and Hong Kong stores. Each location had its own unique final resolutions for the fully animated and composed videos.

I had the privilege of being part of a talented team at Angel City Studios, entrusted with the task of crafting these engaging and captivating commercials. Throughout the production process, Adobe After Effects proved to be an invaluable tool for fulfilling our compositing requirements. We utilized it for various tasks, including creating numerous storyboards, final composites, and outputting the videos, accompanied by custom music and sound design provided by Larry E.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this project was the creation of moonscape environments using Gaea and kit-bashing stock models. These served as simple yet complementary backgrounds for the remote-controlled toys, allowing them to fly, drive, float, and perform exciting stunts. For all the animation, special effects, lighting, and rendering, we relied on Maya and the Arnold render engine. Additionally, Bifrost proved to be instrumental in generating realistic water effects for two racing boats.

Arnold's lighting capabilities were particularly impressive, enabling us to produce mesmerizing sunsets and realistic car lights, further enhancing the visual appeal of the videos. The combined efforts of the team, along with the utilization of advanced software and techniques, resulted in a project that was both enjoyable to work on and visually stunning in its final form.

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