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I began my artistic journey during my early years, creating drawings of pigs alongside my Grandmother. I have fond memories of those moments, especially the laughter that always followed as we attached the distinctive, swirly tails to our pig illustrations.

I made the decision to pursue art education when I discovered that the art school of my choice didn't have SAT test requirements. I was accepted into Ringling School of Art and Design and spent three years there, earning a BFA in illustration.

Following my education, I relocated to Atlanta, where I secured a position as a graphic artist at a Fortune 500 company,Lithonia Lighting, specializing in product illustrations.

During my professional journey, a chance encounter with a Flame artist one day proved to be a turning point. Their guidance helped me land an internship at Whoa Films, eventually leading to a role in 3D animation.

Years later, I made the move to Los Angeles, where I freelanced for a few years and dedicated myself to mastering Maya. It was during this period that I had the opportunity to meet the CEO of Angel City Studios and contributed to several projects, including prominent shows like Deadliest Catch, Axe Men, and Ice Road Truckers. I gradually advanced in my career, reaching the position of FX lead artist.

After approximately 13 years in Los Angeles, I relocated to Missouri to be closer to my family and to enjoy a more cost-effective living situation.

In my quest for high-quality textures, I began photographing my own materials. To expedite my learning process, I volunteered to photograph events for Wildcat Glades Friends Group and they used some of my photos in their promotional flyers. This experience led to my first job photographing product images of gas monitors. You can view some of these images on the project page.

Another friend introduced me to Epic Games' software, Unreal. Realizing that I needed a more powerful computer, I researched the latest requirements and built a supercomputer (at the time). This investment has been invaluable for numerous projects.

Currently, I am freelancing and open to taking on new work, continuing my creative journey in the field.

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