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Sharper Images QVC Stick Vaccum 2023

Project type

3D demo of client products


September 2023


Joplin MO

The project kicked off with the crucial task of importing the STP files provided by the client into Maya 2022, effectively establishing the groundwork for our entire endeavor. The models were meticulously organized and tailored to suit our storyboards. As we progressed, some of the detailed shots started revealing lower resolution and rough edges, prompting the need to import higher fidelity versions.

While another artist was focused on developing the storyboards, I began setting up basic lighting and shaders for the product videos. Over the next few weeks, the art direction underwent several revisions. After three or four iterations, we finally reached a consensus on the desired rendered looks.

To enhance our scenes, we acquired a stock model couch and rug from TurboSquid. I meticulously crafted a virtual set for the Stick Vacuum, complete with custom windows, flooring, and eventually an upgraded rug. Special effects elements such as Cheerios, dirt, and hair were created to the scene, adding depth and realism. Simultaneously, I fine-tuned textures, lighting, and shaders to perfect the visual aesthetics.

One client request that wasn't included with the original model was the addition of bristles on the vacuum head. Fortunately, Maya provided a robust set of tools that allowed me to create lifelike bristles for both the Stick Vacuum and the Hair Styler, seamlessly integrating them into the project.

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