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Deadliest Catch 1801

Project type

Computer Animation recreating event.

Date created

March 2022


Joplin MO

During the production of the 2022 season of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch, a crucial scene involving two ships at night needed visual representation for the audience. To convey this complex concept, the producers employed a process graphic. Angel City Studios was entrusted with the responsibility of illustrating how the two captains planned to rescue the underwater crab pots.

My specific responsibilities encompassed translating the art director's vision into tangible 3D assets. In addition to the usual aspects of animation, lighting, and rendering, this particular scene presented a heightened level of complexity. I undertook the challenge of meticulously crafting all the lines connecting the ships to the anchor and the floating crab pot lines. This involved a nuanced and detailed approach to ensure a realistic and visually compelling depiction of the rescue operation. The final result aimed to captivate the audience and enhance their understanding of the intricate maneuvers undertaken by the captains in this high-stakes scenario.

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