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Deadliest Catch 1601 Zinc

Project type

Process Graphic


Long ago


Joplin, MO

Innovative Crab Protection Strategy: Safeguarding the Catch from Seafaring Thieves
This illustrative process graphic depicts a clever approach employed by captains to protect their valuable crab catch from potential theft by other ships. In this strategy, the crab pots are securely tied to zinc fasteners, which gradually corrode over a span of days.

The crab pots are initially attached to robust zinc fasteners, ensuring a strong connection to the ocean floor.
Over time, the zinc fasteners undergo a natural corrosion process, weakening their integrity. This intentional degradation is designed to create a time-sensitive vulnerability.
As the zinc fasteners corrode, the buoys rise to the ocean's surface, serving as visual indicators that the pots are ready for retrieval.
Armed with the knowledge that their crab pots are now floating at the surface, the vigilant captain navigates to the location using these buoys as markers. This ensures a timely and efficient retrieval process.
This visual representation helps convey the strategic and proactive nature of safeguarding their valuable seafood resources.

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