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3D map graphic

This 3D map graphic showcases a captivating underwater scene near the Hawaiian Islands, illustrating how tuna strategically utilize seamounts for a delectable feast. The creative process commenced with the production team providing a video slug with world coordinates and an art director delivering a vibrant color palette.

The primary goal was to convey the fishing location of the captain and elucidate the intricate relationship between tuna, ocean currents, and the seafloor. served as a valuable resource for obtaining references of the islands, serving as a crucial foundation for the graphic.

The graphic's core elements were crafted using World Machine and Photoshop, ensuring the islands closely mirrored real-world dimensions. Bathymetry, a fusion of accurate data and artistic expression, added depth to the ocean floor. TurboSquid contributed detailed Ahi tuna and bait fish models, which were skillfully rigged and animation-ready.

To depict realistic ocean surfaces in close-up shots, RealFlow was employed. Maya emerged as the indispensable 3D software, breathing life into the graphic. A preliminary visualization was outlined in Maya, subsequently compiled in Adobe After Effects for directorial approval. Iterative adjustments were made based on feedback, focusing on enhancing water texture complexity and introducing predators from various angles.

In response to insightful notes, the final touches were swiftly implemented, resulting in a visually striking graphic that effectively communicates the dynamic interplay between tuna, ocean currents, and seamounts.

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